Frank Rúnaldrar

The Spirit of (Hœnir) Húnir Awakens
Questions & Answers

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Full title: The Spirit of Húnir Awakens (Questions & Answers)

Language: English
Published by: Bastian & West
RRP: 7.50 (USD), 6.50 (GBP)

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Barnes & Noble (US), Waterstones (UK), Blackwell's (UK), Adlibris (Sweden), Adlibris (Finland), Adlibris (Norway), Amazon (UK), Amazon (US)
and in: Australia and India

Topics: The Odr Spirit, Mental projections, trance work, mental shaping, memories, Norse Mythology, Galdr, Odin, Hunir, Raven flight, Hugr, Minni, Munnin, Obsessions, Addictions, Like Attracts Like, Spirit Vibration Rates, Polarities, Rune Mystics and much more…
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The Spirit of Húnir Awakens (Part 1) - Norse Keys to the Spirit, Mind & Perception

Part 1 sets the foundations for the work undertaken in Part 2. The practices and theory within provide a solid set of skills and understanding which trigger initial expansion of Perceptions, awareness and consciousness.

Within you will find the keys to the Odr (Spirit), instructions on connecting, learning and using your own Spirit. How to spirit shape and connect embody the rune streams within your Spirit. You will learn about your own 'Odin's Raven' the Hugr part of your mental Self and how to make use of it. You will gain insight into language, sciences and technology. Their impact and how to avoid having your awareness locked down by them, and more…

This essential guide and companion to The Spirit of Húnir Awakens - Part 1 & Part 2 looks at readers' questions, difficulties, experiences and provides the author's guidance on many of the most common and complex issues raised. You will be guided through common hurdles and obstacles, and benefit from additional insights into hidden potentials of your mind (Hugr), Spirit (Odr), and the mental level of reality. Drawing from these messages, you will potentially save decades in attempting to grasp all the many secrets that may deepen your understanding on how best to both spur and speed up your own spiritual growth.

This Questions & Answers is a must have for those who are seeking to gain insights into how energy is perceived by the mind (huge), why spirits seek love and what it is to them, the impact and functions of time, why polarities matter so much energetically, and more. Further guidance is also provided on spirit projection practices and questions answered on how to carry over memories from trance states and how to distinguish the real from the illusory on the mental and spiritual. For the healers and those of you interested in healing the mind, you will discover why obsessions and addictions occur, how they function and how to deal with them.

Learn about the use of the mind and how to apply principles governing mental and spiritual reality to bolster what life has to offer you. Learn how to use your mind and those principles to remove the unwanted to make room for what you actually desire, and much more…